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Big Attack

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen.
Wanna join Me down your Roads
On the Interstate where They say it*s safe no more.
It*s gonna come down to You anyway
So pick up the brand new Sound
Or stick to your Guns
And scare Me everyday
Are We going seperate Ways
It*s gonna hit one Day
And I guess that They know Nothing at all
Under a big Attack
I watch You lying and cheating
Misleading the Weak
And You put on a Hell of a Show
You spit on the Poor
Kepp them from Your Doors
Let them suffer and fuck them once more
I will trave this World
Which is out of Control
I can sense it where ever I go
Who*s gonna sing a Lullaby
For the under Twenty-One
Who*s gonna get this Share or maybe more
It*s gonna come down to You anyway
So pick up a brand new Sound
I*ve been trying hard but I just can*t get long